Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To Grandma's House We Go

      I have been a resident of Lee County for twenty years and I have spent the majority of my summer, and winter breaks for that matter, walking up and down Fort Myers Beach, laying on the sand, and kayaking on the water. Naturally, I was excited to take a tour of Mantanzas Pass and learn about the history of the island. Our host was fantastic! She had homemade sea-grape jelly and crackers prepared for us, as well as M&M cookies, and lemonade. She spent a majority of her time with us speaking about the bridges and their construction/ reconstruction, the many storms that plagues the island, as well as the original settlers of the island and the few original houses that are left. Walking through the pass was peaceful and quiet. There was an array of birds and a few noticeable fish swimming along the edge of the kayak bank. It is definitely somewhere I plan on kayaking to in the future to absorb the sun, take in the scenery and wildlife, and eat an organic lunch.
      Conservation 20/20 is a program that was mentioned. It was founded in 1995 and it's mission statement is as follows:
     “To acquire properties of environmental significance, restore those lands to their natural state and condition, manage them in an environmentally acceptable manner and provide public recreational opportunities that are compatible with protecting the natural resources.”
     Those involved in the program were and are concerned with conserving Florida's land that was originally set aside for conservation.
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