Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stormy Weather

  For the Floridiana Book journal, I decided to write about the fiction novel, Stormy Weather, by Carl Hiaasan. I came across this story in highschool and I ended up creating a presentation for my sophomore year english class based on it. The book is set in Miami, Florida and it takes place during and after Hurricane Charlie. This novel tells a story of tourists, native Floridians, scam artists, and insurance adjusters as they interact in it's aftermath. Hiaasan is a very sarcastic writer which makes this book fun and upbeat but the majority of his characters had a somewhat annoying quality to them. They were either dull and boring or purposefully ignorant; neither of which I found attractive to read about.
     Within Stormy Weather, in addition to the criminals, there is a newlywed couple, Max Lamb and Bonnie Lamb, who split up because the groom is inclined to take photos of the storm instead of wanting to go to Walt Disney World with his new wife. There is a character named "Skink" who was a former governor of Florida who ends up kidnapping Max Lamb in order to drive home the point that the natural ecology of Florida must be preserved. The various characters and subplots eventually intersect in the novel and come together to form a witty novel with a great ecological message.
Word Count: 226

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