Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Any Last Words?

Colloquium was a class that I had absolutely no interest in and was completely dreading...and for good reason. Although the field trips were a break from the once-a-week monotony that was group activities, Ted talks, and video discussions, it was still tedious and boring Even though I enjoyed the getaways, I found it completely irrational and unreasonable to have to ride the school bus to our destination as if I was in fifth grade again. As adults we are fully capable of arriving somewhere on time and without supervision, it was almost patronizing that I was unable to meet up with my group and instead had to travel and extra hour to campus and back just to take a bus somewhere that was twenty minutes from my house.

The abundance of group work and group presentations was equivalent to a needle in the eye: painful and useless. I work five days a week and the majority of my group partners also had a full schedule, so it was increasingly difficult to find times to meet up and write a coherent paper or put together a presentation with a random group of students who have a million other things on their plates at that moment.

Although I didn't enjoy that class, I thought it's service learning component was helpful for graduation and volunteering outside was a rewarding way to earn those hours. It turned me on to the food forest and it's mission and accessibility, and I have attended a few harvests since my volunteer date.

Over all, Professor Headen was terrific but the subject matter and strict rules for the course were dull and over-bearing.

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